Monster Tape - The Tough Tape - 3" x 5' - For all repairs - PSP Tapes

Product Description

Monster Tape is extremely strong and is resistant to UV light, salt water and works comfortably at temperatures -40°C - 100°C ( -40 to 212 F). It has a high performance adhesive on one side and can be used to repair almost anything.

The multipurpose tape for repairs on board all crafts - sail, power, kite, surf, vehicles, caravans, campers and in many other activities.

  • Ensure the surface for application is clean, dry and dust free.
  • Cut tape to size and it is best to radius the corners.
  • Remove backing paper, place tape in position and press down firmly over the damaged area ensuring all air bubbles are removed. MONSTER tape can be applied flat or coil wrapped.