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13.2317 - Nylon Shroud Cleat 3/16"- 5-1/6" .

Product Description

This  shroud cleat is made of tough black nylon with a stainless steel plate to guarantee protection from corrosion. Designed to easily tie off an idle halyard, secure an awning or boom tent, or even mount on the backstay for a topping lift tie.It´s very sleek and modern design makes it extremely easy to install.This cleat clamps to your shroud or backstay and gives a nice cleat for a flag halyard. It fits any shroud, wire or rod from 3/16"; to 5/16" ; in diameter.


‌•Material: Neoprene and Brass
‌•Compatibility: 3/16” (4.7mm) to 5/16” (7.9mm) shroud
‌•Length: 3-7/8” (98.4mm)
‌•Retention system prevents loss of plug
‌•Easy to use

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