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Product Description

Developed in cooperation with the French Tornado Olympic Team,
this buoy is specifically designed for the training of top regatta racers,
speed challenges and sailing school training sessions.
It can be used either as a drifting buoy, or as a traditional regatta
buoy, with the additional advantage of small dimensions and ease
of use.
• PVC 1100 Decitex : sturdy and rigid.
• Bright Yellow colour for good visibility.
• Little drifting in the wind ; the buoy stands vertically thanks to the ballast bag at the bottom and to a high immersed section (52 cm).
• Quick inflating and deflating : 1/4 turn valve (Halkey Roberts type) accommodates most pumps.
• Easy to hoist back on board thanks to numerous grab handles.
• Easy to carry : small dimensions when folded.
The ballast pouch with velcro fastening contains up to 14 kg (recommended weight, to be made up of stones, pebbles...).
This pouch will also prove handy to stow the extra length of mooring line, in order to prevent the rudder or keel from getting entangled.
When the buoy is used as a traditional regatta buoy, the mooring line is fastened to the grab handle on the lower section of the buoy.

• Length : 1.88 m.
• Diameter : 26 cm.
• Weight : 2.7 kg
(without ballast). 
Comes with Portable Bag


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