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68797 - Pro Confort Bosun's Chair - By Plastimo

Product Description

Plastimo ensures your safety at sea and up the mast. A range of mast chairs designed by Plastimo to guarantee you maximum safety and comfort.

• Seat : wooden board in marine plywood and padded 39 x 18 cm.
• Semi-rigid backrest for maximum safety.
• Hooked by a reinforced strap buckle.


Composed of two adjustable straps around the thighs for greater support and safety. Optimum adjustment and fit ensured by 2 lateral straps which allow the wedging and the inclination of the back. Reinforced back support provided by 2 straps that pass at the top and bottom of the back, ideal for pulling yourself up the mast.
• 220 denier polyester fabric.
• Bucket seat.
• 40 mm wide straps for thighs.
• 45 mm wide straps for the back.
• 2 adjustments of tightening of the thighs.
• 2 seat tilt adjustments.
• MOLLE® system on each side.
• 1 tool bag with gusseted pocket : 52 x 21 x 8 cm.~ (21" x 10" x 3.2") The bag is attached to the chair with 2 straps. This bag is also used to store the chair.
• Maximum load : 150 kg*. ( 330 Lbs.)

* Safe working load indicated applies to the weakest element in the chair, i.e. the rigid board. The board excepted, all the materials
used in our chairs can withstand loads from 2200 to 4400 LB.. The figures indicated here are therefore deliberately conservative, in
order to ensure your absolute safety even in the unlikely event that the board would break.

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