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91025 - Cam cleat - Composite , 2 row ball bearing

Product Description

Mounting holes CC   38 mm ~ 1 1/2"
Mounting screws  5mm ~ 3/16"
Hight  27 mm ~ 1 .1"
Length   65mm ~ 2 1/2"
Width  1 1/4"
Max line 3/8"
Working load  240 Lbs
breaking load   500 Lbs
NO MOUNTING SCREWS INCLUDEDCam cleat -91025 - Composite , 2 row ball bearing
Loads at the technical chart are in Kgs 1Kg= 2.2 Lbs
Nautos ball bearing cam cleats hold lines securely and release instantly for easy, precise trimming. Multiple rows of high-load ball bearings reduce friction so cams open easily for snap-down, rather than draw-through cleating. The cam horns and smooth V-shape guide the line for easy entry. This allows precise sail control without having to readjust the cleated line.

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