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94044 # 44 SELF TAILING / 2 SPEED

Product Description

WEIGHT : 11,80 LBS !!!Please contact us to get our lowest price !! at info@nautos-usa.com or 954 235 2674. This item is on SALE! And also qualify for free shipping.

Winch self tailing 44 – 2 speed

A totally new concept introduced in 2002 is the embodiment of Nautos winch design. The result of three years of research, the Nautos winch broke with traditional design. Using technical advancements and innovations in an area of marine hardware, where the last major breakth rough came to the public twenty years ago. AMong contemporary boat design projects, lightness is very important because it yields faster boats and more fun. But the size and arrangement of hardware on the deck have also attracted the attention of designers as they optimize the use of the deck and provide greater comfort to the sailor. These two concepts are present in the Nautos winches, lighter and smaller, characteristics that were previously only found in winches used in major world events like the America’s Cup. Currently, new products from the largest manufacturers in the world show some, but not all, characteristics that follow the concepts broght to fruition by Nautos 10 years ago.

Drum Ø Power
Speed I Speed II  Weight (g) Base Ø Ø
Screw Rope Ø (mm) Height Gate height
114  12:1  16,7 45,8  5350  168 146  6×6  8-12 172 72

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