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CL236 Roller Fairlead MK1 Racing Junior - ClamCleat

Product Description

The roller fairlead allows ropes to enter the cleat from above. Ideal for sun umbrellas, shades & sun sails. Also dinghy control lines. 

Available in two finishes: 
- CL236 has a silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating.

- CL236AN has a hard anodised finish to give a hard wearing surface. A nylon version is available for lower loads - CL203/S1.

This cleat can be used for drop-down work surfaces. For instance, Mess Box uses them for their kitchens.

CL236 Roller Fairlead Mk1 Racing Junior
Technical Details   Metric Imperial
Rope Diameter 3 - 6mm 1/8 - 1/4"
Material Aluminium & Nylon Aluminium & Nylon
Hole Centres 66mm 2 5/8"
Length 82mm 3 1/4"
Width 18mm 11/16"
Height 25mm 1"
Bolt Size M5 #10-24. 3/16"
Screw Size 4.8 No 10
Weight 40gms 1.4oz
  • Type: V-Cleat, Line Size: 1/8" - 1/4"
  • Hole Centers: 2-5/8", Fastener Size: 3/16"
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Shipping Weight: 
    0.10 Lbs.

    Anodized dark

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