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13.3037 - Clinometer Twin Scale - Clinometers - Soft plastic tube w/stainless steel balls

Product Description

This  compact damped clinometer measures heel from 0º to 6º on the top scale and 0º to 45º on the bottom scale. 

Durable polycarbonate construction. Each tube is built to rigorous standards, filled with a special damping fluid that controls the movement of the ball, providing the smoothest and most consistent roll.
Ideal for sailboats and all kind of vehicles (caravan, RV, 4x4, jeep, etc).

Attaches with 4 screws (not included). 
> Shows Up To 45 Degrees of Tilt
> Brass Ball is Liquid Damped
> Field tested for Durability
> Dimensions: 4" x 3-1/4" x 3/8