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Cunningham System 002 - Complete Set of Blocks And Lines

Product Description

The tension in the luff of the sail is adjusted using a combination of the halyard and the Cunningham (where fitted). The primary advantage of adjusting the Cunningham is the speed and ease with which the luff tension can be changed while sailing or racing. By either hauling or easing the line, the tension in the luff can be changed, thereby shifting the point of maximum draft of the sail forward or aft respectively, optimizing sail shape and thus performance. It is a fine control .


Package will contain:
1 x 92200 Fiddle Swivel Block
1 x 92203 Feddle Swivel with Cam and Becket
SS Hook x 1
91043  x  1 Stand Up Plate  ( with Counter-plate)
Dynemma Line
Control Line

27' to 35'

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