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Dyneema Soft Shackles - Soft Connector - From 2 mm to 6 mm diameter line. 2 Pieces Set

Product Description

Light, strong, dependable, and useful for all sorts of applications where a stainless shackle would otherwise be employed. One end is a knot; the other end is a splice. 
Every package has 2 soft shackles, same size and same color.

SSH02G         2mm x 12.5cm Open Length ~ 5/64"x5"  BL 2000 Lbs
SSH03G         3mm x 17 cm Open Length ~ 1/8 x 7"    BL 2800 Lbs  
SSH04G         4mm x 20 cm Open Length ~  5/32 x 8"     BL 4980 Lbs  
SSH05G         5mm x 27cm  Open Length ~ 3/16 x 11"    BL 7500 Lbs  
SSH06G         6mm x 30cm  Open Length ~ 1/4 x 12"      BL 11450 Lbs 

Color may vary.

IMPORTANT : Diameter refers to the Dyneema line used, all soft shackles are spliced so final external diameter will increase proportionally. 

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