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JACKLINE - LIFELINE IN POLYESTER - LIME , Yellow or Flo Yellow Color - 6 mts to 14mts ~ 20 ' to 46' - By NAUTOS USA

Product Description
Polyester Tubular webbing, 25mm ~ 1" wide.
White color.
Breaking strain : 3000 Lb.-
Sewing with   GORE TENARA Sewing Thread - remains flexible and strong in extremes of hot and cold. It won't absorb water and it resists acid rain, salt water, pollution, snow and freezing.
GORE TENARA Sewing Thread will outlast the fabric into which it is sewn.
Sold by the pair
(Shackle or hook not included. Minimum recommended breaking strain for shackle/hook : 3000 Lb.)

The installation of jacklines is essential to allow shifting location on the deck, while remaining clipped to a strongpoint at all times. 

The basic rules :• A jackline must be rigged only on strong points designed for that purpose.
• Strong points must be mounted through deck, with a reinforcing plate below deck, and must resist 2 tons minimum.
• A jackline must run free of knots, and sewn joints must be tested and calibrated. Jacklines should be positioned as far inboard as possible, in order to prevent falling over board.
• Web jacklines will not roll under foot, as opposed to rope. Being made of fibres, jackline webbing is subject to aging -even with no visible signs- due to UV-rays, sea water and temperature. Ideally, jacklines should be taken down, rinsed and stored in a dry place for wintering. Still, we stronly recommend to replace them regularly ; to be more specific, jacklines must be replaced after a cumulated period of 2 years of outdoor exposure.

Please write under Nautos tag the date of installation.

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