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LED Navigation light - OP4000A - Tri Color - Anchor - Rescue - Wind indicator “AMAZÔNIA ECO” Compact 4 in 1 - 12 v |

Product Description

OPTOLAMP 2019 New line: Now its electronics assembly is the same used in the Military and Aerospace area: it is absolutely reliable.

The development and new design of the “AMAZÔNIA ECO”, were based in long cruising sails around the world, where life required low energy consumption and a secure signalization in all weather conditions. The development of the new compact model “AMAZÔNIA ECO” is the consequence of 20 years experience in LED signalization. This model is providing with a TDPS Pro System and new assembly configuration used in the Military and Aerospace area.

New "Sector 4" Optical System in the traditional OPTOLAMP® lens, allows a horizontal light emission and a vertical light emission VLE for emergencies in the case of an air rescue.
Due to its ultra-low consumption, high intensity light and mechanical resistance to stress, the “
AMAZÔNIA ECO” model has been chosen especially for the Schurmann Orient Expedition around the world. For four years, scientific research and navigation trips were made around the world, being for a long time in Antarctica with excellent benefits due to a very low consumption and safety in night navigation.

ABSOLUTE SAFE SIGNALIZATION: Optolamp TDPS Pro System: give the 100% security in the boat signalization. The TDPS works as "a second emergency lamp" so the boat does not remain without any light during navigation. The boat will be signalized even if a problem occurs in the lamp. Note: If a defect occurs in any lamps of the market, they will simply go out, leaving the boat without lights.

WIND DIRECTION INDICATOR LIGHT: The electronic system recognizes when the navigation light is activated and turns ON the VLE - vertical emergency light emission with an appropriate intensity to illuminate only the wind direction indicator.

WITH DISCHARGED BATTERIES MAXIMUM LIGHT INTENSITY: Signalization from 10,6V to 14,4V (Option 24V Converter: Optolamp RF/EMI Free Accessory HE2412 -Not provided). Even with a discharged battery or with its minimum acid level, the lamp keeps working to signalize the boat. It can work approximately up to 40 nights with a full charge 12V/75A battery without recharge it. It consumes 13 times less energy than a standard 25W lamp.

The boat will always be signalized without energy problems on board.


4 in 1: 1-Anchor light; 2-Tricolor Light; 3-Automatic ON-OFF and 4-Bi-Dimensional Signalization VLE System: Vertical Light Emission for Air Rescue and Masthead Wind Indicators.

Switches on-off automatically (electronic sensor for the anchor Light): at dawn, at night and during storms..

version: 3 wires for Tricolor and Anchor Light (standard installation with the original

switches on the boat panel).
“SW” version: only 2 wires for Tricolor and Anchor Light (Mini Switch ON-OFF-ON provided).

Technical Information: (the last generation electronic circuit is confined in epoxy resin). RFI-EMI Interference FREE - ULTRA LOW CONSUMPTION UBC® ELECTRONIC LED-LAMP

Slightest Height

125 mm.

Slightest Weight

225 gr.

Fixing and installation

Delrin block, very fast installation. (Option: Waterproof IP67connector Optolamp Accessory WC 1 - Not provided)

Operating Voltage


10,6V to 14,4V (Option: 24V). Voltage spike: protected. Polarity reverse: protected.

Consumption UBC®

Anchor Light: 0,155A (+/-10mA). NAV Light: 0,155A (+/-10mA).

Light source

High Quality LED.

LED-Lamp Life

Minimum 50000 Hs.


UV protection
Polycarbonate (Bayer - Germany).


Minimum 2,0 NM.

Vertical Range VLE

Up to 4,0 NM.

Maximum Light intensity

between 10,6V and 14,4V (start at 9,5V).

Maintenance Free

Led lights don’t have a filament to break or burnt out.

Fully life sealed

Shock and Vibration proof - IP66

Boats up to 20 meters / 65,6 feet

Respects COLREG 72 rules.

$232.00 $299.00

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