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Nautos Ultralight Tie Block with T Soft Shackle

Product Description

The T® soft shackle, specially designed for pulleys is easy to use, very lightweight and withstands heavy loads. This product can be customized.

  • Textile shackle specially designing for block lashing 
  • Easy to use ¬ Close with the Cap® knot ¬ Rapid opening even after heavy load 
  • Reliable, maintenance-free

Data sheet

  • T-Close® Shackle ¬ Glass-fiber reinforced PA 
  • Rope 100% Dyneema® R2 pre-stretched, coated- Light grey / black 
  • T® shackles are prestretched and bonded® to prevent any stretching after installation 
  • Easy opening (orange thread) 
  • Resistance certified by Veritas

Soft Shackle By Nodus Factory


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