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OP5009 -SURFACE MOUNT MARINE LED LIGHT “Bora-Bora” Generation II - Mod. 2014. WARM LIGHT

Product Description
Maximum light intensity with discharged batteries: absolute safe illumination in all conditions.
Ultra Low Consumption - UBC®: it can work 22 nights with a 12V/75A battery (44 nights on 24V/75A), without recharge it.
Safe illumination from 10V to 30V.
The cabin always illuminated in navigation at night.
Keeps your cabin cool, cold–lamp.
Total resistance to mechanic stress.
Warranty HE: 2 years.
Pat. Dep.
Weight: 130 gr.
Anodized Aluminum.
Diameter: 78mm.
Hole diameter: 66mm.
Deep: 25mm.
Power Source: 10V to 30V.
Consumption UBC®: 12V= 0,280A (280mA); 24V= 0,140A (140mA).
Light Source: Electronic: LED - 290lm.
Angle: 140°.
Options Temp. white Light: warm white 3500K or cold white 5500K.
LED life: minimum 50000 hs.

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