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Product Description
To insert in steps, inside or in the cockpit area, screens, cabinets, engine room, circulation areas, etc. Works with no temperature, cold spot.
Maximum light intensity with discharged batteries: absolute safe illumination.
Ultra Low Consumption - UBC®: it can work 312 nights with a 12V/75A battery without recharge it.

Safe illumination from 10,5V to 14,4V.
RF (Radio frequency) interference free.
The cabin always illuminated in navigation at night.
Keeps your cabin cool, cold–lamp.
Total resistance to mechanic stress.
Warranty HE: 2 years.
Pat. Dep.

Weight: 50 gr.
Anodized Aluminum.
Hole diameter: 53 mm.
Diameter: 65 mm.
Deep: 20 mm.
Power Source: 10,5V to 14,4V (24V Option).
Option: 24V.
Consumption UBC®: 0,020A (20mA).
Light Source: Electronic - Led.
LED life: minimum 50000 hs.
Light Color: white, blue, red, green or amber.

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