ProStart - Velocitek

Product Description

After the starting gun, the ProStart immediately switches over to race mode where it will give you speed, heading, max speed, averages and GPS. In addition to providing you real-time, on-the-water data, the ProStart constantly records your speed, heading and position to keep a running log of your most recent 30 hours of sailing.

 Not only is this device a compass, GPS, speed, heading and start timer but it also has the unique feature of telling you your distance to the line.

Once you get back on shore, you can download this data to your Mac or PC and create race replay animations. However if you just want a quick snapshot of your hard days work (bragging rights evidence) you can recall your session's absolute maximum and best 10 second average speeds with the click of a single clearly-marked button.


  • Accurate, easy to set up, distance-to-line measurements & countdown timer
  • Automatically switches to showing real-time speed and heading after the start
  • Ultra-simple user interface with clearly marked buttons is easy to explain to crew members
  • GPS data downloading is Mac and Windows compatible
  • Compatible with ProStart Mast Bracket or any Tacktick Micro Compass bracket
  • Display Update Rate: 2Hz (twice a second)
  • Water Resistance: 3m (10 ft.), waterproofing code - IPX-8

Box includes:

  • Included

    • Velocitek ProStart
    • Mounting cradle
    • Neoprene storage case
    • USB cable
    • Quick start guide


  • Zero-Latency Aerospace-Grade Navigation
  • A powerful 72 channel, 18Hz multi-constellation GPS receiver combined with a 100Hz solid-state 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a patented high-precision 3-axis geomagnetic sensor gives you accurate distance, speed and heading information with zero lag time.


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