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Universal Adjustable Soft Shackle with Ultralight Tie Block.

Product Description


The K  universal soft shackle, with Adjustable Loop is easy to use, very lightweight and withstands heavy loads.
This product can be customized.

  • Multi-purpose, universal adjustable shackle for pulleys, boom, sheets, halyards, sails, lazy-bag, etc.
  • Adjustable loop length; slide the T-close cleat and lock with the Grip© knot
  • Easy to install and open, even after heavy load
  • Reliable, maintenance-free

Data sheet

  • T-close Shackle ¬ Glass-fiber reinforced PA 
  • Rope 100% Dyneema R2 pre-stretched, sized ¬ Light grey / black
  • Structural end, can be used as a loop to take strain ¬ lark’s head knot attachment
  • Resistance certified by Veritas

IMPORTANT : Diameter refers to the dyneema line used, all soft shackles are spliced so final external diameter will increase proportionally. 


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