Plastimo Offshore 95 Compas, with "Vibration absorber" system giving it excellent stability in all all navigation conditions. Can be flush mounted on horizontal surface or on dashboard, with a small binnacle to be fixed on a surface making it removable, on or a bracket, a large and sturdy base. 
The Offshore 95 is suitable for motorboats from 6 to 10 metres.
Technical features:
Conical card graduated every 5°
Apparent card diameter: 81mm
Recalls routes every 30°
1 Lubber line
Standard lighting 1 12V bulb
Supplied with fastening lug, screws, drilling template.
ISO 613 approved.
White conical card.
White compass.
External body: 128mmx135mm
Flush mount diameter: 81mm
Dome diameter: 88m