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WINDEX 6 Dinghy - Laser - Optimist - Bowsprit

Product Description

Windex® 6 dinghy is our newest addition to the Windex® family. It is the perfect wind indicator for smaller dinghies/multihulls or other fast sailing crafts.


  • Windex® 6 will be the perfect choice for all dinghy’s and smaller multihulls.
  • The flexible mounting do it very flexible. Fits mast and bow spirit from 45-70 mm diameter. You can chose from several way of mount the Windex® 6 on i.e. Optimist, Laser or multihulls.
  • Windex® wind vanes for sailors that need exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. The secret is in the sapphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin-low inertia vane makes it very precise.
  • Windex® wind vanes remain the top performing wind indicators in the world and offers exceptional performance with great value.
  • Provides accurate apparent wind direction information for all type of small fast sailing boats.
  • Sapphire jewel suspension bearing makes the device sensitive in light air and responsive in heavy air.
  • Dinghy and catamaran sailors are used to the occasional capsize—sometimes in spectacular fashion. Hitting the water at speed can cause run-of-the-mill wind indicators to bend, break or snap off. But not the Windex® 6 Dinghy , the Windex 6 Dinghy is so ruggedly built it's often seen on the bowsprits of larger boats.


Vane length 150 mm (6”)
Total length/height depend on how You mount it  300 mm (12”)
Weight 17 gr (0,6 ounces)
It has a rubber cord for fitting on tubes from 45-70 mm

Spare parts Available - https://nautos-usa.com/collections/spare-parts-windex


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