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Quick Cleat - Barton 60031 - White - Nylon reinforced composite - up to 3/8" line

Product Description

Dupont Zytel nylon construction
Safe Working Load: 70 kgs  ( 154 lb)
Max Rope Diameter: 6 to 10 m

The Quick Cleat is perfect for both novice and seasoned mariners. It replaces the need to tie and release knots, so you can get on with enjoying life on your boat.  Made from nylon reinforced composite it secures braided lines up to 10mm ( 3/8" ) with a working load limit of 13.5 kilos ( 154 lb. )

Easy to use by simply rotating the lever on top of the cleat to open the clamp, insert the line and release the lever which securely clamps the rope tight.  

From securing fenders, gear, painter lines, buckets or any other use you can think of, the Barton Marine Quick Cleat is designed to alter rope tension in one direction, but grips the rope firmly and securely in the other. 

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